Stefan Brigati - Founder / Scientific Researcher : Over 20 years of paranormal research experience and education. Strong backgrounds in Parapsycology, Medicine, Comunications, IT Enigineering, and Physics. Stefan also has appearred on many paranormal TV/Radio shows as well a speaking at conventions and seminars mentoring other paranormal teams.  Founded PCP in 1991.

Tara Mead - Spirit Photographer / Light worker :  With many years helping others in the paranormal field, Tara has made a great reputaion as a paranormal photographer.  1st place photos' in Americas haunted road Trip.  Tara has taken many photos of paranormal phenomena and has been featured in magazines and books most recently  Tara has been voted one of the best psychic / light workers in the United States for 2015. She has  appeared on many paranormal TV/Radio shows including a very special episode of My Ghost Story. Tara joined  in 2008. Voted #1 Nationally/Internationally best Spirit photographer 2014/2015
American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.

Mark Christopher Nelson - Investigator / Psychic Medium : Mark has been a professional medium for the past 15 years and has had clients all over the world. He has made several television appearances and recently shot a pilot for, “The Most Gifted“, of which he earned the title in a contest for the show. He gives personal readings over the phone or in person. His podcasts are from his weekly radio program "Positively Psychic" where he has interviewed leading figures in the psychic and paranormal world. Mark joined in 2009

Barb Nelson - Investigator / Sensitive : Barb has been investigating the paranormal for over a decade. She has been to many paranormal investigations all over the world and has done many paranormal internet  TV / Radio appearances. She co-host the radio program "Positively Psychic" with Mark. Barb joined in 2009

Regal Morales - Investigator / EVP Specialist : Regal has be involved with the paranormal since the age of 7 communicating with spirits. The more he spends investigating the paranormal the more his senses grow. He enjoys helping families with getting rid of negative spirits. Regal joined the team in 2015.

Michelle Godoy - Morales - Investigator / Historical Researcher : Since she was about 10 years old he has had many paranormal experiences. A few years later she found out how sensitive she was and seams to be a magnet for lost children spirits. She loves to research and learn about the locations and enjoys EVP work when she is alone in certain places. Michelle joined the team in 2015.

 Ashlynn Mead - Investigator : Ashlynn has been investigating and studying the paranormal since the age of thirteen. Ashlynn has appeared on many paranormal TV/Radio shows including a very special episode on A&E Biography's "My Ghost Story" also an episode on Bio Channels "My Ghost Story: Caught On Camera". Ashlynn joined the team in 2013.

Steve Holt - Investigator / Tech Manager :  Steve has had an interest in the paranormal for many years. His educational background is Cinematography and Film Editing, along with a great passion for electronics and technology. Steve joined the team in 2005

Mike Pritchard - Investigator / Tech Specialist : Mike became interested in the Paranormal after seeing a spirit in his house at the age of 15. Over the years he has had many strange experiences even though he has been scratched, touched and even harassed by EVP's he considers himself more of a skeptic with a technical background.  Mike joined the team in 2015.

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