- When using a digital recorder it is not necessary to use an external microphone. I have found that it actually increases the amount of static recorded.

- When using a cassette recorder, be sure to use an external microphone and place the microphone as far away from the recorder as possible. Internal microphones can't get away from recording the gears working and placing the microphone as far from the recorder as possible helps reduce the gear noise.

- Omni-directional microphones work best for trying to record for EVP. Think of it like a sieve, whereas a Uni-directional microphone would be more like a straw. More liquid (sound) can get through a sieve at once than through a straw.

- Do NOT use the voice activated setting available on some models of recorders. It only works after sound begins, which means that an EVP can be cut off or completely missed.

- Be sure to have the sensitivity level on your gear/microphone (if available) set to the highest setting. This way you are sure to get even the faintest EVP.

- When using a cassette recorder use High Bias tapes. They give your tape recording an almost CD quality of sound and decrease background noise substantially. This is not to say that regular tapes won't work, they will. But using the better quality tapes makes it much easier to listen to after.