Evidence for non-local consciousness

by Stefan Brigati on Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 6:50am

A host of experiments reported at this conference (QM2003) verify the existence of some form of non-local consciousness, at least out to ten meters. Separate papers by Standish, Germine, Thaheld, Richards, Kozak and Wackermann (lead authors) report (i) EEG and MRI correlations in the brain of a human receiver with the (ii) visual stimulus of an isolated sender some ten meters away. We say that this form of consciousness is invisible as the receiver is not aware of the sender or the sender’s transmissions. Neither is the sender aware of what is being transmitted.

Wallach and Bell separately report placebo effects in control groups that they explain as non-local consciousness. Lake, Vekaria and Hurtak separately report human healing at a distance, and Agadjamian reports adaptation of insects to promote survival that he attributes to non-local consciousness. Concurrent Session VI is devoted to a discussion of Non-locality. Many of the presentations at this conference claim that non-local consciousness can only be understood as a form of EPR entanglement indicating a BEC medium outside the human body, as well as in it.

Suggestive of plant consciousness as well as non-local consciousness, Chouinard at this conference reports micron plant movements from distant human intention, and Schwartz reports enhanced seed germination from human intention. In addition, Aranbura reports effects on electromechanical devices. It seems that the receiver need only be electrical in nature. That supports anecdotal evidence that some humans can will lights to turn off. It seems that the BEC medium must be able to interact actively with physical media, rather than just being a passive reflection of it.

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