Assuming a material world, the non-local properties of consciousness (see below) suggest that it must exist in a macroscopic coherent quantum medium, called a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) that is meters in extent and perhaps global. Known BECs such as super-fluids and superconductors only exist near absolute zero. To explain consciousness the BEC medium must exist at room temperature.

The presumption of a BEC medium to explain our visible, waking or physical consciousness underlies both the early Frolich/Marshall (where the medium is a coherent field of membrane dipoles) and the more recent Penrose/Hameroff microtubule-medium model. Both models require metabolic excitation to a state of thermodynamic non-equilibrium (see Hagan, QM2003), consistent with a physical consciousness that can turn off and turn on, as in sleeping and waking.

Some such model is perhaps the best explanation of waking consciousness. However, such models are local in nature, confined to the human brain and probably even microscopic aspects of the brain. Because of the non-local nature of some forms of consciousness, another medium is needed, one that might even explain consciousness in the sleep state. A secondary medium would also serve to integrate the perhaps microscopic processes of physical consciousness.

Quoting Piero Scaruffi from his site
“The fascination with Bose-Einstein condensates is that they are the most highly ordered structures in nature (before their discovery by Albert Einstein and Satyendranath Bose, that record was owned by crystals). The order is such that each of their constituents appears to occupy all their space and all their time: for all purposes the constituents of a Bose-Einstein condensate share the same identity. In other words, the constituents behave just like one constituent (the photons of a laser beam behave just like one photon) and the Bose-Einstein condensate behaves like one single particle. Another odd feature of Bose-Einstein condensates is that they seem to possess a primitive form of free will.”-

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